Guide: Getting an overview of the Dropboy app

This article will give a brief overview of how the Dropboy driver app works. For more detail, please explore the linked articles.

If you are looking for a feature list, please see this article: App features

You log in using your email and password as defined on your user in the Dropboy platform. If you don't know your login details you can either try to reset the password or contact your administrator.

If you have forgotten your password, you can have a new password generated and sent to your email by tapping on the "Reset password" link. Here you fill in the email you use for logging in and then tap on the "Reset password" button.

The Drive section is where you can find and complete your trips. This is by far the biggest section of the app.

My trips
"My trips" is the default view of the Drive section. Here you can see what trips are assigned to you on the selected date, by sliding sideways. The date can be changed in the top right corner.

Tapping on a trip card will open that trip

In the top left corner you can activate the GPS tracking. Enabling this permits your hauler or dispatcher to see where you are located.

Search trips
Sliding left from the "My trips" view, you get the "Search trips" view. In this view you can find trips that are "Up for grabs" within your own company. If you have an administrator profile you are able to reassign trips between drivers in this view.

Trip view
Tapping on a trip in the "My trips" view, you get to the "Trip view". This view is a list of stops that need to be completed as part of the trip.

In the top bar you can go back to "My trips", you can see the trip name, and in the top right you can switch stop filters.

Each stop in the list is represented by a card. Here is the breakdown how cards are structured:
Stop sequence No. (waypoint)
Company name
Estimated Time of Arrival (or Actual Time of Completion if the stop is completed)
Navigate to stop (only shown for the next stop in the list)

Stop Details view
Tapping on a stop in the "Trip view" takes you to the "Stop Details view". Here you can see the detailed information about the stop, as well as any instructions and cargo item(s) that needs to be registered. This is also where you get the signature from a customer if enabled on the ruleset.

In the view you can see:
Stop sequence No. (waypoint)
Company name
Estimated Time of Arrival (or Actual Time of Completion if the stop is completed)
Address (tapping on the navigational arrow will start navigation)
Contact person and information (tapping on the phone icon will call the phone number supplied)
Comments for the stop
Instructions (only appears if there are detailed instructions on the stop)
Register Cargo Items (for Quality Assurance registrations)
Signature (only appears if enabled in ruleset)
Requirements to complete the stop
Slide to Complete

The Instructions view allows for detailed instructions to be carried out at the stop. You can also mark that the instructions have been completed.

Register Cargo Items
When you need to make specific registrations on cargo item level, it can be done in this view.

If your Cargo Items have barcodes, you might have to scan them, depending on the rulesets defined. There are 2 ways to open the scanner:
Slide from right to left on the Cargo Items list view.
Tap on the 3-dot menu in the top right corner and select "Scan mode".

When scanning, the app will always assume that the item is successfully picked up/delivered and therefore you can just continuously scan each item. You can see the progress in the left side of the view. If you scan an item and want to set it as "failed picked up/delivered", then simply press the red X that appears when scanning the item.

To register a Cargo Item without using the scanner, you simply tap on the item. Here you will be presented with a view where you can select if you successfully picked up/delivered the Cargo Item. You can also add registrations if there is something to report, such as a damage to the item or similar.

In this example, this item has to be scanned.

Use this view to get a signature from recipients.

The notifications view gives you information when something interesting happens with your trips.

In the menu you can find:
Your profile (just tap on you name or picture in the top right)
The various menu points of the app
The log out button
The app version number that you are currently running

My profile
In this view you can adjust a few settings, upload an image and change your password.

Currently the app is only accessible by contacting Dropboy, but don't worry, it will be available in App Store and Play Store soon.
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