How to do route optimisation

This article will describe the various ways you can optimise your trips by altering the sequence of stops on a trip. We will describe both the automatic route optimisation tools that Dropboy provide, as well as the manual adjustments you can do using drag 'n drop.

Automatic optimisation
Dropboy provides 2 different ways of doing route optimisation:
The very fast and simple optimisation, known simply as "Optimise route"
The fairly quick and better optimisation, known as "Route optimizer+"


1. Optimise route
The optimise route algorithm is very simple and fast to execute. This means that it works well in cases where you expect to need to do some manual adjustments anyway.

2. Route optimizer+
The route optimizer+ is still in BETA and free to use while so. This optimisation is more complex and takes the road network into account. Typically this optimisation provides better results, although you may have to wait a minute or two before getting the result.

Manual optimisation
Sometimes there are things that the computers cannot take into account and your expertise and intuition means that you define a better route. To accommodate this, we also provide the option of adjusting your trip manually via drag 'n drop. Simply grab a stop and move it up or down to adjust the sequence of stops.


You can also pin a stop. This will lock the selected stop as well as all the stops before it. This allows you to run one of the automatic route optimisation functions and adjust only part of the trip.
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