How to set up my network

The network is used to connect companies in order to work together. Setting up a network connection and contracts allows you to have a transparent work process between 2 companies where the shipper can easily see status on their deliveries, allowing for a high level of efficient self-service.

In this guide we will show you how to set up and manage your network.

Setting up the network connection
The first part of working together with another company, is to set up a network connection. We do so with the invite form, which is found within "Network" in the main navigation.

When filling out the form, 1 of 2 things will happen, depending on whether the email you input is already registered in Dropboy:

1. Connecting to a company using Dropboy
Admins of the company will receive a notification and they can find your network request within "Network" using the filter "Pending requests".

Clicking on the company takes the user to the details view, where the network request can be accepted.

2. Connecting to a company not using Dropboy
An email will be sent to the provided email address with a link for signing up. When signing up through this link, a network connection will automatically be created between the 2 companies.

Setting up a contract
Contracts are "one-way" - this means that the company creating the contract, will always be able to send orders to the receiving company, but not the other way around. If both companies want to send orders to each other, 2 contracts can be made - one in each "direction".

When creating a contract the company that wants to send orders (the Shipper) will be offering the contract in Dropboy. This is done by navigating to the company to which the contract should send, and then pressing "Offer contract".

Write a name, check both checkboxes and create the contract.

Now you have a connection and a contract. We hope that you will benefit from collaborating with your network partner(s).
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