How to set up trip templates

Trip templates are intended for regular trips, but can also be used for non-regular trips.

A trip template, as the name suggests, is a template from which a trip instance can be generated.

For instance, if you have a regular trip in the South Copenhagen area on weekdays, you may have a specific trip template for this purpose, along with a Tray that is fed orders through the Routing Rules. Whenever the tray is emptied to trip(s), it will generate one or more trips from the template, based on the defined delivery dates on the orders within that tray.

So, how do you set up a trip template?

Going to "Trip templates" in the main navigation, we can add a new template by clicking on the '+' button in the bottom right.

Now let's go through the fields and what they do and you can determine which are relevant for you.

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This field lets you set a name for the trip, fx. 'South Copenhagen'. This name will be used for every instance of that trip which is generated.

Wait for timewindow
This affects the "Route optimizer+" so that the calculation done expects drivers to wait at a stop if they are estimated to arrive early. This can result in distance-wise better trips, but can also have a negative effect on the duration of the trip.

Trip starting time
Determines when the driver is expected to arrive at the first stop.

Select a default driver for this trip. The driver can be changed on an instance of a trip.

Select a default vehicle for this trip. The vehicle is used for gathering GPS positions to show it on the map.

Rulesets determine a wide range of options for the driver, especially focused on Quality Assurance. Read more about rulesets here: How to set up rulesets

Use this to automatically forward trips generated from this template to the selected network partner. Read more about setting up your network here: How to set up my network

Add tags here to assist better filtering and finding this trip within the Dispatching and Trips views. Remember to press 'enter' or click the 'Add' button.

Finally, click 'Save'. You now have your first trip template.
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