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App features

App features

Here is a short list of the app features.

Multiple orders in a stop

A driver can have multiple orders assigned to the same address. Fx from multiple shippers. Each order can be updated individually.

Assign orders

Admins logged into the app can reassign orders to drivers directly from the app.

Note: the app does not support editing a trip.

Stop Based Trips

Trips in the Dropboy app are stop based and not order based. What this means is that a stop can have both pickups and deliveries orders within the same stop registration flow, instead of the driver having the same stop appear multiple times on his list.

Colli Level Registration

When registering the cargo items on a stop, all registration are on "colli level", meaning that when a cargo item is damaged and the driver takes a photo of the damage, it is registered together with the selected item.


Scanning of known goods is supported in both pickup and delivery situations, regardless of the stop being a hub or not.


Signature on completion of a stop is supported, allowing customers to sign for receiving cargo items.

Picture and comments

Pictures with geo location are supported, allowing documentation and comments to be added to the order.

ETA Calculation

ETA calculation is done every time a stop is delivered.

Navigate to stop

Drivers can easily navigate to stops on the list using Google Maps.

Tracking driver

The app supports tracking the driver and provides the driver a mapping the journey.

Check the app's status here. If you can't access Dropboy, chat or report issues

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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