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How can geo codes be added to orders with location issues

This guide offers a quick overview of how can geo codes be added to orders with location issues.


Dropboy offers a feature where you can forcibly add geocodes for orders with location issues. Firstly, what are geocodes? Geocodes are like Earth's address, using numbers to show precisely where a place is on a map. So, for any orders with address issues, we select that order and request Google to add the geocode. Let's understand how we can add a geocode for any orders.

Remember: You can add geocodes for orders not included in the 'Tasks List', indicating orders present in the 'Unassigned Orders' list.


Open the web-portal and log in.

Navigate to the Dispatching tab and click on it.

Click on the Unassigned Orders list dropdown.

Click on any Unassigned Orders list (a list containing orders to which you want to add geocodes).

For example, choose the 'Unassigned' order list.

Select the checkboxes for the orders.

Click on the three dots additional setting.


Click on Get Geocodes.

Your selected orders now have added geocodes in the background, and hopefully, you will not face any location issues.

Note: The "Get geocodes" option will be disabled until orders are selected. Please make sure to select orders first to enable this option.

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Updated on: 11/03/2024

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