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What is a bundle matching task

This guide offers a quick overview of what a bundle matching task is.


Dropboy provides a feature called bundle tasking, where you can group multiple tasks into a single bundle.

What is bundle matching task?

A bundle task is created when multiple tasks have the same locations and company name. It combines these tasks into a single task. However, Dropboy also provides a feature where you can create a bundle task even when the company name and location are not the same.

1. For creating a bundle matching task based on company names and locations.

Dropboy automatically checks the complete Tasks List and creates a bundle where the company names and locations match.
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2. For creating forceful bundle tasks.

These tasks can be from any location or company name. It's not mandatory, you can create one bundle task of any multiple tasks.
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For unbundle task.
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Updated on: 13/05/2024

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