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Places play a crucial role in the logistics process, serving as central points where drivers drop off orders after pickup. Subsequently, the same or different drivers may pick up orders from these locations for delivery tasks(Via hub orders). Moreover, these locations act as the starting/ending points for (A to B orders).
When you select a place as the starting point in the Vehicle or Dispatching section, the order list will be optimized accordingly. The orders will be prioritized based on their proximity to the selected place. The closest order will be shown at the top, followed by the next closest order, and so on. The remaining orders will be displayed in a similar manner.

Creating a Place: How to create places

Viewing Place Details: How to view the details of a place

Updating a Place: How to edit the details of a place

Searching Places: How to search places

Deleting a Place: How to delete a place

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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