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How can I hide or unhide the 'Unassigned Order' list to view the complete map

This guide offers a quick overview of how can I hide or unhide the 'Unassigned Order' list to view the complete map.


Dropboy provides a feature where you can hide or unhide the unassigned order list after opening it, allowing for a clear view of the map. Sometimes, you might get stuck because you need to view the map but the unassigned order list is open. Instead of hard refreshing the browser screen, which would clear the map point and zoom in/out visibility.


Open the web portal and log in.

If unfamiliar, follow this article: How to login in to the Dropboy web application

Navigate to the Dispatching tab and click on it.

Click on the filters dropdown.

For example, if you choose the 'Unassigned' order list, you need to click on that option.

The 'Unassigned' orders list will be opened.

Observe how the 'Unassigned' orders list block the map visibility

Click on the top Arrow Icon to hide that list.

Observe the complete list hiding, leaving your map visibility clear.

If want to unhide, click again on the Arrow Icon, and it will become visible.

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Updated on: 13/05/2024

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