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How to enter valid data under General Information

In this section, you will enter details about General Information for the order.


Requisition number (Enter requisition number)
Order number (Enter order number)
Price (Enter price)
A to B or Via HUB (Select any one of them)

"A to B": means the driver will go directly to the pickup location, pick up the order, and then drop directly to the delivery location. "Via HUB": means the driver will first pick up the order and deliver it to a hub, and then you will need to assign the order again to the driver (you can choose the same driver or a different one) for the delivery trip.

Order has been picked up toggle (You can enable or disable)

Enabling: Indicates that the driver has already picked up the order. Only the specific delivery task will be shown when assigned. Disabling: Assigns both tasks to the driver.

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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