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How to print any complete 'Tasks List' with a single click

This guide offers a quick overview of how to print any complete 'Tasks List' with a single click.


Open the web portal and log in.

If unfamiliar, follow this article: How to login in to the Dropboy web application

Navigate to the Dispatching tab and click on it.

Click on the any vehicle. e,g 'DB_Vehicle_02'

The 'Tasks List' will open,

Click on the Print load Sheet on the task list.

A new tab will be opened in your browser, and you will be redirected automatically.

I have 8 tasks, but your list can vary in length. Scroll down to see all selected task. And you can also view All Task details such as 'Total Stops,' 'Total Colli,' 'Total Volume,' and 'Total Weight.

Click on print button.

Before printing, make sure to go through all pages to double-check if there are any missing or extra tasks you selected.

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Updated on: 13/05/2024

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