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What is 'Vehicles List' section under the Dispatching Tab? How can I read the in this section articles sequentially

This guide offers a brief overview of the 'Vehicles List' section under the Dispatching Tab and explains the sequence of articles, making it easy for you to learn and apply them effectively.

What is the 'Vehicles List' section?

The 'Vehicles List' section displays the complete vehicles list, including each vehicle's name, tags, and an eye icon. This allows you to manage your vehicle management tasks efficiently. The following articles will guide you through utilizing these features effectively.

Here are informative articles to learn about understanding the vehicle list section, viewing assigned orders for vehicles, and hiding empty vehicles and other features.

Understanding Vehicles List Section: Understanding and viewing information of 'Vehicles list' section under dispatching tab

Viewing Assigned Orders for Vehicles: How can I view the assigned orders for vehicles

Hiding Empty Vehicles: How to hide empty vehicles

Here are informative articles to learn searching vehicles using different methods.

Searching Vehicles with Tags: How to search vehicles by 'tags'

Searching Vehicles with Driver Name: How to search vehicles by 'driver name'

Searching Vehicles with Vehicle Name: How to search vehicle by 'vehicle name'

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Updated on: 14/03/2024

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