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How to add a pause between orders for a driver

This guide offers a quick overview of how to add a pause between orders for a driver.


Dropboy provides a feature to add a pause between orders for the driver. Adding a pause means taking a break for some time before moving on to the next trip. Let's learn how we can add a pause between orders.

You cannot move pause between orders. You need to remove or create a new pause if you want a pause between other orders.
You can delete pauses.
Changing the sequence of orders won't shift the pause.
You can add multiple pauses between orders.


Open the web-portal and log in.

Navigate to the Dispatching tab and click on it.

Click on the vehicle.

The 'Tasks List' will be opened.

Click on the three dots icon on the task list.

The options will be visible.

Click on the 'Add pause' option.

The 'Add pause' window will open.

Enter the pause name in the description field.

Enter the stop number, for example, if you put 3, the pause will be generated after the 2nd stop.

Choose the time from 'Set duration of pause'; (this is the actual pause time that you selected).

Select a location from the 'Add location' field. (If you do not select a location, that pause will not be shown on the map. See the example in the next step).

Click on the save button.

Example: Pause with a selected location during the creation of a pause.

If you create a pause with a location, it will be shown on the map, and the system will calculate the time separately when optimizing orders. Learn more about order optimization.

Example: Pause without selecting a location during the creation of a pause.

If you add a pause without selecting a location, it won't be displayed on the map, and the time won't be considered separately during order optimization. Learn more about optimizing orders.

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Updated on: 02/04/2024

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