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How to remove pause between orders for driver

This guide offers a quick overview of how to remove pause between orders for driver.


Dropboy provides a feature to remove a pause between orders for the driver. Let's learn how we can delete a pause between orders.

Before deleting, ensure you have a pause. If you don't know how to add a pause, refer to this article: How to add a pause between orders for a driver

You cannot move pause between orders. You need to remove or create a new pause if you want a pause between other orders.
You can delete pauses.
Changing the sequence of orders won't shift the pause.
You can add multiple pauses between orders.


Open the web-portal and log in.

Navigate to the Dispatching tab and click on it.

Click on the vehicle.

The 'Tasks List' will open,

You can view the pause and stop numbers on the map as this pause was created with a location.

Click on the Cancel button on the Pause.

The pause will be deleted, and the stop number will be changed from the map.

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Updated on: 06/03/2024

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