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Introduction to vehicle:

Dropboy offers a vehicle feature for creating and managing company vehicles. This article provides a step-by-step guide on creating, updating, and managing vehicles, as well as maintaining a proper vehicle list on the Dropboy web application. Additionally, we provide additional article references that cover topics such as choose vehicle type, assigning drivers to existing vehicles, specifying locations, creating and deleting tags, and using tags for categorization.

Creating a Vehicle: How to create a vehicle

Updating a Vehicle Details: How to edit the details of a vehicle

Viewing Vehicle Details: How to view the details of created vehicle

Searching Vehicles: How to search vehicles

Deleting a Vehicle: How to delete a vehicle

Set vehicle sequence in the list: How to set sequence of vehicles using the drag and drop feature

Here are some articles that provide information on understanding various features during vehicle creation:

Choose Vehicle type: How many vehicle types are available for selection [Coming soon]

Assign or change the driver for a created vehicle: How can i assign or change the driver for a created vehicle

Location-related features: Why do we set locations and how does it optimize distance for drivers

Additional Information about Vehicle: How to add additional vehicle information and their significance

Creating or deleting a tag: How many ways are there to add/delete tags

Seaching Vehicles with tags: How tags can help in searching for vehicles in the vehicle list

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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