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How to add additional vehicle information and their significance

This guide offers a quick overview of how to add additional vehicle information and their significance.

Dropboy provides you with the option to include additional information for your vehicle, such as Lift, Sideload, and Temperature control. For a detailed understanding of these options, we suggest reading the complete article.

1. Lift (If your vehicle is equipped with a lift feature that can lift items)

Select the Lift checkbox. This will enable the Max Weight field. Enter the maximum weight capacity of the lift in kilograms.

Example of lift feature:

2. Sideload (If your vehicle has a sides loading feature)

Select the Sideload checkbox.

Example of side loading vehicle box:

3. Temperature control (If your vehicle has temperature control for heating, cooling, and freezing of loaded items)

Select Sideload and select sub-checkboxes for 'heating',* 'cooling'**, and 'freezing' if needed.

Example of refrigerator(cooling) vehicle box:

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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