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How to set any day's 'Start times' for any vehicle

This guide offers a quick overview of how to set any day's 'Starts time' for any vehicle.


Dropboy provides a feature to set up the 'start time' for any day at the vehicle level. This will be the default time set for the vehicle. The driver will see the start time for tasks on the task tile. It will be visible if you set it at the vehicle level. If you do not set it at the vehicle level, you will need to go to the dispatching tab daily and set the start time for the vehicle.

For more details, please follow this article: Why do we set locations and how does it optimize distance for drivers

If not familiar with changing the 'start time' from the dispatching tab, follow this article: How to change 'Trip starting time' for a specific day for any vehicle in the Dispatching tab


Open the web portal and log in.

If unfamiliar, follow this article: How to login in to the Dropboy web application

Navigate to the Settings tab, then select the vehicles sub-tab.

Choose the vehicle that you want to set up 'Start times'. This depends on your vehicle list.

For example, 'Demo_Vehicle_001'. Click anywhere within the vehicle area.

The vehicle details screen will be opened.

There are four edit icons available and a driver dropdown.

Click on the third edit icon for 'Hub and trip locations'.

The 'Hub and trip locations' form will be opened.

Observe the 'Start times' section under 'Hub and trip locations'.

There is a whole week shown with a 'Time selection box' for 'each day'.

10 Click on the 'Time selection box' against any day that you want. For example, Tuesday:

The clock will appear; select the time from the clock.

For example, Select the time for '9:15'. click on 'OK' button.

Click on the save button.

After saving, you can confirm that under 'Hub and trip locations', the time is showing against that day.

Navigate to the Dispatching tab, open that vehicle's task list, and notice that the Start times will be visible on the first task tile.

If you're not familiar, follow this article: How can I view the assigned orders for vehicles

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Updated on: 10/06/2024

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