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How to move to another date (previous or upcoming date 'Tasks List')

This guide offers a quick overview of how to move to another date (previous or upcoming date 'Tasks List').


Dropboy provides a feature to move 'Tasks List' to previous or upcoming dates. This is particularly useful for reviewing completed, failed, or under investigation orders in previous trip lists. Similarly, you can plan and manage orders for upcoming dates by assigning them in advance.


Open the web portal and log in.

If unfamiliar, follow this article: How to login in to the Dropboy web application

Navigate to the Dispatching tab and click on it.

Above the map, you can see the Backward arrow, 'Today' text, and Forward arrow.

Click on backward arrow. (You will be moved to the previous date's 'Tasks List')

Click on forward arrow. (You will be moved to the upcoming date's 'Tasks List')

Wait, there is a problem! A single click moves to the immediate previous or upcoming date. If you want to navigate to a date from a previous month, year, or further into the future instantly, follow step 6

Click on the date or today button within the backward or forward arrow.

The calendar will open, allowing you to select a date and open the corresponding trip list.

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Updated on: 13/05/2024

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