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How to create a tray

This guide offers a quick overview of how to create tray.

The purpose of trays feature is to streamline order management. Once you create trays and start using them, you have the option to automate the order assigning process. The automation is based on the settings you choose during tray creation.


Open the trays form. Follow article for more details: How to open the trays form

Enter any name under 'Name' field. Follow article for more details: How to search trays by 'Name' filter

1. Assignment time:

Follow article for more details. Understanding about 'assignment time' condtions

Enable the 'Auto Assign' button and select one of these options: 'Assign Continuously' or 'Assign Daily at a specific time.'

'Assign Continuously' means it will assign every 5 minutes, while 'Assign Daily' means it will assign at the selected time from the dropdown.

2. Assign using selected time window:

Follow article for more details. Understanding about 'Assign using selected time window' condtions

Select either 'Time Window Start' or 'Time Window End' from the options.

The order will be assigned based on the Time Window Start or End specified in the order.

3. Bundling:

Follow article for more details. Understanding about 'bundling' checkboxes

Choose bundle pickups / delivery options. You can select both or one.

Means, after assigning an order to a tray, other orders with the same address and company name will automatically bundle and assign to a vehicle.

4. Trip optimizing:

Follow article for more details. Understanding about 'trip optimizing' conditions

Open the dropdown and select either 'Standard Optimize' or 'Trip Optimize+'. Relevant fields will appear for you to fill in the information.

Standard Optimize: you have three conditions to choose from: 'If Empty' (optimize if the vehicle has no orders), 'Never' (no optimization), or '**Always'** (optimize regardless of existing orders).

Trip Optimize+: additional fields become available, including 'Starting Point for Trip'," 'Ending Point for Trip', 'Select Overflow Tray' and an 'Observe Time Slots' checkbox. However, whether these additional settings apply or not still depends on the three conditions: 'If Empty', 'Never', and '**Always'.**

5. Assign to:

Select vehicle from 'Assign to' dropdown.

This is where your order will auto-assign from the tray. In this dropdown, you will see both vehicle and driver names displayed for selection.

Click on 'CREATE TRAY' button.

Remember: You can skip any of the above conditions during creation, but if you select any of them, all conditions will be applied when assigning your order to a vehicle.

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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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