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Understanding about 'trip optimizing' conditions

This guide provides a quick overview and understanding about trip optimizing conditions you can select during the creation of a tray.


Trip optimization conditions determine the sequence of orders in which your vehicle carries out orders under the dispatching tab. Essentially, your tray is responsible for arranging the order sequence based on distance once it's assigned to the vehicle. The order nearest to the vehicle appears at the top of the list. There are specific conditions you can configure for trip optimization. Let's explore them in detail.

There are two options 'Standard optimize' and 'Trip optimizer+'

'Standard optimize:'

If you choose "Standard optimize," you'll find a dropdown with the default option 'If empty' selected. Clicking on it shows three choices:

'If empty': Orders are sequenced by the tray when the vehicle is empty.
'Never': Sequence orders without conditions, disabling trip optimization.
'Always': Orders are sequenced by the tray, whether the vehicle is empty or not, after assignment.

''Trip optimizer+:'

If you choose "Trip optimizer+," you'll find three additional dropdowns: 'Starting point for trip,' 'Ending point for trip,' and 'Select overflow tray.' There's also a checkbox labeled 'Observe time slots.'

The 'Starting point for trip' and
'Ending point for trip' dropdowns allow you to specify locations. Your orders will be optimized based on these chosen locations. Essentially, your orders will be arranged in a sequence according to the selected start and end points.

The 'Select overflow tray' option enables you to choose a tray for returning orders. For example, if you have 15 orders but your vehicle can only handle 10, the remaining 5 orders will be assigned to the tray you select. However, this depends on the 'Observe time slots' checkbox. Let's dive into this further.

Checking 'Observe time slots' reveals an additional checkbox labeled 'Minimize waiting time.' These checkboxes consider the timeframes associated with orders and aim to reduce waiting times as much as possible. The order sequence is also adjusted based on this factor.

Remember: All the options you consider will be applied when you choose trip optimization.

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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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