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Understanding about 'assignment time' condtions

This guide provides a quick overview and understanding of the assignment time conditions you can select during the creation of a tray.


Assignment time conditions determine how your tray decides when to assign orders to a vehicle. In other words, when you send an order to a tray, it's like a timer for the tray. You specify the time conditions for the tray, and it remembers them. So when you send an order to the tray, it checks the conditions you've set, and based on your selection, it assigns the order accordingly.

There are two assignment time conditions: 'Assign continuously' and 'Assign daily at a specific time.'

'Assign continuously:'

It means your tray will assign orders to vehicles every 5 minutes. For example, if you send 5 orders to the tray, it will assign the first order to a vehicle, then the second one 5 minutes later, and so on.

'Assign daily at a specific time:'

It means that orders in the tray will be assigned based on the time you've selected in the time box. For example, if you set the time to 14:00, orders will be assigned at this time, and the next assignment will occur at the same time on the following day.

These two conditions work only if you enable the 'Auto assign' toggle button. Otherwise, your conditions won't work, and your orders will not be assigned to a vehicle.

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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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