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What are the features of the "Trays" tab? How can I read the "Trays" article sequentially

This guide provides a brief overview of trays and how you can follow the tray article to learn and benefit from it.

Introduction to trays:

Dropboy offers a Trays feature that serves as placeholders for orders, enabling efficient organization and automated assignment. The creation and use of trays streamline the process of assigning orders to vehicles or drivers, following your specified settings. When you assign an order to a tray, it is managed and subsequently assigned to a vehicle. How it is assigned to a vehicle depends on the conditions you've chosen for that tray.

Example and Diagram:

Furthermore, you also have the choice to manually assign orders to a vehicle or driver through the Dispatching tab, and you can assign orders using Routing Rules.

Opening a Tray Form: How to open the trays form

Creating a Tray: How to create a tray

Updating Trays Settings: How to update a tray condtions

Changing Vehicle from Tray Form: How to change the vehicle in the tray setting form

Changing Vehicle from Tray Box: How can I change/assign vehicle from outside the tray box

Understanding Assignment Conditions: Understanding about 'assignment time' condtions

Understanding Time window Conditions: Understanding about 'Assign using selected time window' condtions

Understanding Bundling Conditions: Understanding about 'bundling' checkboxes

Understanding Trip Optimizing Conditions: Understanding about 'trip optimizing' conditions

Viewing Settings on Tray Box: How can I view the tray settings on tray box

Assigning Order Manually from Tray Box: How to manually assign orders from a tray box

Viewing Total Orders Count: How can I view the total order count on tray box

Viewing Trays Orders List: How to view the assigned orders of a tray

Assigning Mulitple Orders to Vehicle with Single Click: How to manually assign orders from trays to a vehicle with a single click

Setting Sequence of Trays: How to set the sequence of trays using the drag and drop feature

Enabling and Disabling Auto Assign Option: How to enable or disable auto assign option

Searching Trays with 'Name': How to search trays by 'Name' filter

Searching Trays with 'Driver/Vehicle Name': How to search trays by 'Driver/Vehicle Name' filter

Deleting a Tray: How to delete a tray

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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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