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Understanding the driver roles

This guide offers a quick overview of about understanding the driver role.

Introduction driver role:

The driver role in the Dropboy mobile application is specifically designed for order pickup and delivery tasks. Drivers can accept orders from the company and networks while on the road. They also have the ability to assign orders to vehicles or themselves, based on permissions.

Driver user credentials can be used for both the 'Dropboy mobile applications' and the 'Dropboy web application'.

Read the following information to understand the driver role:

1. Driver role on Dropboy web application

With the Driver role selected, the following sub-checkboxes are available: 'Accept orders', 'Set availability', and 'Dispatching'.

Driver user in the Dropboy web application have access to the same tabs as basic users, including dashboard, order management, task management, some operations (e.g., order uploads), and specific settings (e.g., locations).

2. Driver role on Dropboy mobile applications

For Dropboy mobile applications, if all driver sub-roles are selected, the driver has the capability to accept orders, create orders, and assign orders themselves or others.

These tabs are visible in Dropbpy mobile applications : Dashboard, Tasks, Truckfinder, Unassigned, and More(create order).

Dashboard: Allow to access dashboard-related funcnalities. ('Driver' role)
Tasks: Helps drivers start and complete pickup and delivery orders. ('Driver' role)
Truck Finder: Enables drivers to update vehicle capacity and availability for order acceptance. ('Accept Orders' and 'Set availability' role)
Unassigned: Allows drivers to assign orders themselves, other drivers and networks. ('Dispatching' role)
More (Create Order): Enables drivers to create new orders within the applications. ('Dispatching' role)

If any sub-roles are not selected for a driver, corresponding functionality and related tab are unavailable.

If the driver has both the "Accept orders" and "Set availability" roles, they can directly accept orders from company networks using the truck finder without requiring approval from the dispatcher. However, if the driver only has the "Set availability" role and not the "Accept orders" role, they can still select orders but will need approval from the dispatcher for order confirmation.

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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