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How do user roles function? How can I read the "User roles" article in a sequential manner?

This guide gives a quick overview of user roles and explains how you can use the role articles to learn and apply them effectively.

Introduction to user roles:

Dropboy provides a variety of user roles to ensure efficient access control and permissions. Companies have the flexibility to assign roles according to their requirements. The available roles consist of 'Admin', 'Dispatcher', 'Basic User', and 'Driver'. Our comprehensive articles offers clear instructions on how to create, manage, and effectively utilize these roles. Furthermore, we provide separate articles that offer detailed information about each role, allowing you to understand their functionalities thoroughly and make the most of their benefits.

Creating a User: How to create a user

Updating a User Details: How to edit the details of a user

Viewing User Details: How to view the details of created users

Searching Users: How to search users

Deleting a User: How to delete a user

Here are some articles that provide information on understanding different individual roles:

Admin Role: Understanding the admin role

Dispatcher Role: Understanding the dispatcher roles

Basic user Role: Understanding the basic user role

Driver Role: Understanding the driver roles

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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