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How to search users

This guide offers a quick overview of how to search users.


Open the web portal and log in.

If unfamiliar, follow this article: How to login in to the Dropboy web application

Navigate to the Settings tab, then select the Users sub-tab. Click on filter area.

You can search for users using two options: by user name/email address through search bar or by selecting roles checkboxes. These options can be used individually or in combination.

Enter user name under search field.

You can search users by their complete user name/email or even a single character. Matching users will be displayed, including those where the character appears anywhere in the name.

Example 01:

Example 02:

4. Search with roles checkboxes

Select one of the checkboxes: 'All' or 'Admin', 'Driver' 'Basic user' and 'Dispahcter'

When selecting 'All', all users are displayed. Choosing 'Admin' shows only admin users, and the same applies to other roles. Combination of roles can be applied.


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Updated on: 15/05/2024

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