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Dropboy provides the option to establish networks for logistics management, including order pickup and delivery. When companies lack resources, prefer not to handle logistics, or even if they have a logistics department but want to share the burden, they often collaborate with third parties. Dropboy streamlines this process by enabling you to easily connect and form agreements.

Why use Dropboy?
After setting up networks and agreements, you can monitor orders directly on the platform. No need to keep asking third parties about order progress; Dropboy lets you track it yourself.

Example and Diagram:
Your Company (Order Sending and Monitoring) connects with a third-party Logistic Company for Pickup and Delivery through a network agreement. This setup streamlines order handling and monitoring

Here are informative articles for Senders (Order Sending and Monitoring Company), covering topic like sending invitation, form filling, and viewing accepted/pending invitations

Sending an Invitation: How to send invitations to a Logistic Company to create a network

Filling Invitation Form: How to fill out the invitation form

As an Sender/Receiver Viewing Accepted Request: How can I view the list of my accepted network requests

As an Sender Viewing Pending Request: How can I view the list of my pending network requests

Here is the informative article for Invitees (Logistic Company) to accept and decline invitations.

As a Receiver Accept/Decline an Invitation: How can the invitees (Logistic Company) accept or decline an invitation

Here are Informative articles for both Senders (Order Sending and Monitoring Company) and Invitees (Logistic Company), covering topics like contract creation, acceptance/declination, checking, removal, PDF download, viewing network details and searching in the network list

Creating a Contract: How to make a new contract

As a Receiver Accept/Decline Contract: How to accept or decline contract request

Checking Contract Status: How to check the contract status after creation

As an Sender/Receiver Removing connection: How to remove connection from network detail screen

Downloading Contract PDF File: How to download the contract PDF file

Viewing Networks Details: How to view the details of your network company

Searching Networks: How to search for a network using its name in the networks list

Here are Informative articles for senders (Order Sending and Monitoring Company) and invitees (Logistic Company), covering group addition, network categorization, and group-based network searching.

Creating a Group: How can I add a group and categorize multiple networks into one group

Seaching Networks With Group: How to search grouped networks under the networks list

Updating and Deleting Group: How can I edit and delete any group

Informative article for senders(Order Sending and Monitoring Company) covering copying contract ID and its utilization with API for order forwarding.

Copy Contract ID: How to copy the contract ID

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Updated on: 31/10/2023

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